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care for you with the kindness, compassion, and respect you deserve

utilize the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatment methods available

employ sound judgment, based upon proven scientific research

apply the expertise of over twenty years of practice

perform surgery only when necessary


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What One Should Expect From a Skin Cancer Doctor:

Competence and Trustworthiness goes without saying. It always pays to get a consensus of opinion from individuals in your local community (friends, family members, other physicians, pharmacists or other health professionals) before choosing a physician for any important health problem.  A solid reputation speaks volumes when considering going to such a doctor in whom you hopefully can and need to trust.

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The skin Cancer Centre is dedicated to the education of both doctors and patients. To that end, we provide an extensive library that includes PowerPoint presentations for professionals (doctors, residents, medical students) as well as a patient education library where you can learn more about early detection and treatment of skin cancer.



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