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Dr. DeAngelis is most grateful to the many physicians in the tri-state area that have entrusted so many patients over the past 30 plus years into his care. He and his well-trained staff of the Skin Cancer Centre hope to continue to maintain that trust for many years to come.


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We at Skin Cancer Centre will...

  • Care for you with the kindness, compassion, and respect you deserve

  • Utilize the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatment methods available

  • Employ sound judgment, based upon proven scientific research

  • Apply the expertise of over 30 years of practice

  • Perform surgery only when necessary

Skin Cancer Centre Mission Statement:

  1. To always look at any suspicious lesions of concern, while carefully scanning high-risk areas of your head and neck. When deemed necessary, a routine screening of the entire body will be performed. This thorough examination will always be aided by the utilization of a state of the art instrument known as a Dermatoscope. When trained properly, using such a specialized "skin scope" enhances one's ability to more accurately determine whether a skin lesion is benign or malignant. As a result, we at the Skin Cancer Centre strive to only remove that which is most necessary, often times minimizing the need for unnecessary biopsies and scars.
  2. To utilize our in-house tissue processing lab to quickly determine the results of a biopsy if required, often times on the same day of your visit. You should always expect communication that fully explains the results of that which was removed.
  3. To clearly and promptly communicate to you in common language, the most pertinent details regarding the risks, benefits, and alternatives of any recommended treatment.
  4. To always endeavor to consider your interest and well-being our number one priority.

How We’re Different

Our entire practice is devoted exclusively to skin cancer. We offer the most comprehensive approach to the prevention, detection, and treatment of skin cancer. We also utilize the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools to aid in early diagnosis, as well as the most sophisticated methods of treatment. Our philosophy is to expect nothing less than outstanding outcomes and unsurpassed cure rates. In our family-friendly environment, we strive to alleviate your anxiety, allay your fears, and dispel the many myths surrounding skin cancer and its treatment.

Concern for Your Comfort

When treatment is required for the removal of pre-cancers or skin cancers, even if located in the most delicate of areas, we carefully and skillfully do only what is necessary, as comfortably as possible, with the least amount of pain. In many instances, even when treating pre-cancerous actinic keratoses with a common treatment like liquid nitrogen, we often numb the site prior to the application of this otherwise painful procedural application. This is especially helpful when applying this extremely cold substance to one’s forehead or scalp, where nerve endings are particularly sensitive.

An Uncommon Understanding of Skin Cancer

The team of providers at the Skin Cancer Centre have treated countless skin cancers and pre-cancers since 1991. This extensive experience has allowed their practitioners to amass the knowledge, insight, and judgment necessary to thoroughly appreciate the innumerable subtleties of skin cancers of all types. The Skin Cancer Center remains at the forefront in early detection of pre-cancers and skin cancers by utilizing a Dermatoscope as an advanced diagnostic aid. This enables one to better visualize and therefore determine which areas of concern may respond to conservative topical therapy versus a more aggressive treatment. Their providers regularly treat high-risk skin cancer patients and are very comfortable addressing problems that few dermatologists would be as confident to treat.

A Collaborative Effort

The focused service we provide at the SKIN CANCER CENTRE not only requires a highly specialized physician, but also a fine-tuned staff that is thorough yet gentle, capable and caring. We are very proud of our well-trained and experienced staff. They are most helpful and strive to be attentive to your every need. Whether you need a blanket if you’re cold or reassurance if you’re anxious, they know how to care for you, and they do it with genuineness and grace, and at times, humor and charm.

Respect for Your Time

Please understand that some patients travel from long distances to be treated and require surgery on the same day as their initial visit without the possibility of a prior consultation. On some occasions, their cancer may be more involved than we or the referring physician had anticipated. This rarely forces us to make last minute changes to our schedule, but there are times we may run up to one hour late. We do everything in our power to minimize these occurrences, and appreciate your understanding if this should happen to occur on a day when you are on our schedule to be seen or treated. We greatly respect your time and do our best to see you as promptly as possible with the necessary attention that you also deserve.

A Policy of Providing Value

We try our best to keep your out-of-pocket cost to a minimum. We accept Medicare assignment and most types of health insurance. We are conscientious not only regarding the procedures we perform each day, but also in how our costs will impact your uniquely personal and financial situation. Since we focus our practice in such a specialized way, we have learned over the years how to avoid as many costly complications as possible while still achieving unsurpassed cure rates. In other words, we do everything we can to get your treatment or surgery right the first time, and we know how often we need to see you for future follow-up visits based on your unique risk of developing pre-cancers or skin cancers. Some of you may have been referred by another very capable doctor, who will likely follow up after your surgery with us. We are not only honored to have so many private patients but are always honored by those physicians whose confidence allows us to participate in the care of their patients.

What One Should Expect From a Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr. DeAngelis with a patient.

Competence and Trustworthiness goes without saying. It always pays to get a consensus of opinion from individuals in your local community (friends, family members, other physicians, pharmacists or other health professionals) before choosing a physician for any important health problem. A solid reputation speaks volumes when considering going to such a doctor in whom you hopefully can and need to trust.
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Dermoscopy and the Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Dr. DeAngelis using his dermoscope for early detection.

A dermatoscope as seen in use pictured to the right is a handheld device that aids significantly in the early detection of skin cancer. Not only does it magnify the objects in view by ten, but the special optics and LED lights also allow the examiner to see through the surface layers of the skin into the upper layers of the dermis. It is within these layers of the skin where abnormalities can be appreciated that are unable to be seen with the unaided eye or even with a typical magnifying glass.

Dermoscopy or Epiluminescent Microscopy (ELM) has been more widely used as a diagnostic tool in European countries and is gradually becoming more popular in the United States as well. Increasingly more scientific studies have proven its efficacy when used by a trained provider. In addition to aiding in the more accurate delineation of both benign and malignant growths, ELM also enables one to detect malignancies in earlier stages. In other words, a provider trained in the use of ELM can more clearly distinguish those things that are without a doubt benign, for which no biopsy is needed, from those things that are clearly malignant, for which treatment is necessary.

The vast majority of melanomas detected in our office with the aid of this device are in a very superficial stage and therefore less likely to be as potentially dangerous. As far as the more common types of skin cancers, known as basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, ELM often allows us to detect these at a stage where they may even be difficult to see with the naked eye. Therefore, the necessary treatment for such early common skin cancers may be less extensive, requiring a less intrusive procedure for such patients. In our practice, the Dermatoscope is an invaluable tool that we could not confidently practice without.

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