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While a doctor referral to see Dr. Richard J. DeAngelis is not necessary, he is most grateful to the many physicians in the tri-state area that have entrusted so many patients over the past 25 years into his care. He and his well-trained staff of the Skin Cancer Centre hope to continue to maintain that trust for many years to come.


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Skin Cancer Centre Mission Statement:

  1. To always look at any suspicious lesions of concern, while carefully scanning high-risk areas of your head and neck. When deemed necessary, a routine screening of the entire body will be performed. This thorough examination will always be aided by the utilization of a state of the art instrument known as a Dermatoscope. When trained properly, using such a specialized "skin scope" enhances one's ability to more accurately determine whether a skin lesion is benign or malignant. As a result, we at the Skin Cancer Centre strive to only remove that which is most necessary, often times minimizing the need for unnecessary biopsies and scars.
  2. To utilize our in-house tissue processing lab to quickly determine the results of a biopsy if required, often times on the same day of your visit. You should always expect communication that fully explains the results of that which was removed.
  3. To clearly and promptly communicate to you in common language, the most pertinent details regarding the risks, benefits, and alternatives of any recommended treatment.
  4. To always endeavor to consider your interest and well-being our number one priority.

What One Should Expect From a Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr. DeAngelis with a patient.

Competence and Trustworthiness goes without saying. It always pays to get a consensus of opinion from individuals in your local community (friends, family members, other physicians, pharmacists or other health professionals) before choosing a physician for any important health problem. A solid reputation speaks volumes when considering going to such a doctor in whom you hopefully can and need to trust.
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Why We’re Different

Our entire practice is devoted exclusively to skin cancer. We offer the most comprehensive approach to the prevention, detection, and treatment of skin cancer, utilizing the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools to aid in early diagnosis, and in a family friendly environment.


Dr. DeAngelis using his dermoscope for early detection.

A dermatoscope as seen in use pictured to the right is a handheld device that aids significantly in the early detection of skin cancer. Not only does it magnify the objects in view by ten, but the special optics and LED lights also allow the examiner to see through the surface layers of the skin into the upper layers of the dermis. It is within these layers of the skin where abnormalities can be appreciated that are unable to be seen with the unaided eye or even with a typical magnifying glass.

Why Early Detection is Critical

As a forgone conclusion from the outset, it is generally accepted and understood, that the early detection of any type of cancer is always in a patient’s best interest. With regards to skin cancer, what are some reasons as to why many cancers are either left untreated or perhaps are not detected at an early stage of development?

We at Skin Cancer Centre will...

  • Care for you with the kindness, compassion, and respect you deserve

  • Utilize the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatment methods available

  • Employ sound judgment, based upon proven scientific research

  • Apply the expertise of over 25 years of practice

  • Perform surgery only when necessary


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